Big Slick Home Edition

This user friendly poker tournament director allows you to setup and run high quality poker tournaments with a few clicks of the mouse in the convience of your home. Big Slick Home Edition is the most user friendly texas holdem poker tournament manager on the market.


  • User configurable blind notification sound (MP3, Wave or Playlist)
  • Automatic table and seat assignment (up to 10 tables)
  • Side bar that displays the current big blind, small blind and blind timer/clock
  • Playlist editor for creating and modification of playlist used in Big Slick Home Edition
  • Poker chip calculator with editable chip images (JPEG)
  • Extra large blind timer display (poker clock)
  • Easy to use Wizard for step by step tournament setup
  • Easy to read blind display (small blind and big blind)
  • Blind schedule (20 levels)
  • User friendly reports (Top 10, Contact list, Seating list, etc.)
  • Payout calculator
  • Poker chip value display


  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000 or higher

Purchase Details

  • Software download once payment is received followed by an email with user name and registration code (within 24 hours).
  • Free technical support to answer all of your questions,